Staffordshire History


Staffordshire was a part of the Saxon Kingdom of Mercia and was home to its capital in Tamworth. Mercia was the dominant Saxon kingdom in England south of the Humber from the early 670's to about 825, reaching the peak of its power under its best known king, Offa. It was later eclipsed by Wessex and finally destroyed by the Danes in the early 790s.

The Stoke-on-Trent area was long a major centre for pottery making, but the importance of the county really developed with the Industrial Revolution, from the late eighteenth century onwards. Iron had been mined and used for manufacturing in a smaller way for some time, using charcoal made from local forests, especially in the area which came to be known later as the Black Country. It was only with the discovery of how to use the plentifully available coal that the industry expanded to become one of the greatest manufacturing centres in the world by the mid-nineteenth century.